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Check out our team video to learn what it's like to row at Rose City Rowing Club

RCRC Head Coach Nick Haley named one of NPR's 50 great teachers

At Portland's Rose City Rowing Club, Nick Haley teaches rowers about life on and off the water


The mission of the Rose City Rowing Club is to encourage and empower young adults to become capable and confident people within the framework of a nationally competitive, team-oriented rowing program.


In recent years, rowing in the northwest region has exploded on a grand scale. The United States Rowing Association reports at least twenty youth (high school) clubs exist in this region, with the northwest leading the rest of the country in individual youth memberships. Most major northwest population centers have seen multiple new youth rowing clubs popping up within the last couple years. However, only one youth rowing club has served Portland, the second largest metropolitan area in the northwest. The result of many environmental and financial challenges, and a lack of waterfront access hindered the development of additional rowing clubs in the area.

In 2000, plans to convert an old warehouse to a public light watercraft center in downtown Portland began to materialize, providing the perfect venue for a new youth rowing club for Portland.

The Portland Boathouse

The Portland Boathouse is located on the east shore of the Willamette River in downtown Portland. The Portland Development Commission purchased the boathouse building in December 2003, and built the new dock. The dock was designed for launching non-motorized watercraft, and is perfect for launching rowing shells. Boathouse tenants include Rose City Rowing Club (youth rowing), Station L Rowing Club (masters rowing), University or Portland Crew, Portland State University Crew, Wasabi Paddling Club (dragonboat paddling), Willamette Riverkeeper, and Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe.

Rose City Rowing Club (RCRC)

RCRC leases 4,400 square feet in the Portland Boathouse that is ample space to store all the rowing and athletic equipment. In addition, there is space for changing rooms, lockers and additional storage. Secure access to Rose City's space is through sliding garage doors on the northwest side of the building, with dock and river access just a couple of hundred feet away.

Board of Directors

Peter Skei, President

Graham Taylor, Vice President

Hayley Nunn, Secretary

Lindsay McQuaid, Treasurer

Kalle Crafton, Director

Maddie Dinse, Director